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about us

What: HereNow’s main objectives are pretty much set by the brand’s pay-off line: Eat. Play. Shop. We aim to be the “go to spot” for young people who want to know about places to eat, play and shop. Over and above that, we want to create a community in which people share their thoughts about the various places they go to - to eat, play and shop.

Who: The ideal HereNow user is between 18 and 35 years of age. Our primary target LSM groups are 8 – 10+. However, for ages 18 – 21 we make an allowance for individuals who fall within LSM groups of 6 – 8. They are techno-savvy, hip and happening. They enjoy going out, exploring, being adventurous and are outspoken. They live on their smart phones, iPads and laptops. They are smart, educated (or trying to be), trendy and curious! The HereNow user is a slight show-off and wants everyone to know that they are up to scratch when it comes to anything urban and sizzling hotttt… We also reveal best kept gems which may not be as out there as other venues.

Where: We are currently focussed on our urban metropolis – CT, Jozi, Durbs and Pretoria. We are a click of a finger away. Our mobile platform should generate more traffic as mobile phones are our target market’s best friends.

When: We work with real time thus our geo-coded map feature. We are instantaneous – so when you post a review on our platform it is immediately visible on our site. We can be used from anywhere (well, as long as one has access to the net) and at any time.

How: With our new, funky yet sophisticated, fresh look (coming up in April) we will be able to attract the desired audience. We are also working on partnerships with clients and likeminded brands to explore trade-exchanges. We are working on increasing our visibility. We have an allocated budget which we will use not only to access brilliant content from names that can assist us in creating awareness and generating revenue (via advertising) but to also to be more visible on various media platforms.

Why: In the ever changing market place, where websites are popping all around, it is difficult to measure our demand. We have however discovered that the difference between HereNow and any of our immediate competitors is that we offer our user added value – we make them feel special. They are our citizen journalists- they can add their own businesses, write their own reviews and engage with us on any of our platforms. We allow them to share their views and take them seriously. Our real time feature is also an added benefit. We are extremely easy to function!